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All life requires energy; one ruination of increased energy from oxidative phosphorylation is the increased production of toxic oxygen radicals. Several layers of antioxidant protection are in place to counter the toxic oxygen radicals. These antioxidant protective mechanisms are easily overwhelmed in pathological conditions and when exposed to toxicants that generate a higher level of oxygen radicals. Oxidative stress can perturb cellular redox homeostasis, resulting in activation or inhibition of various cellular processes. Oxidative stress is implicated in several human diseases including aging, cancer, cardiovascular disorders, neurodegenerative disorders, and diseases of the eye.

In recent years oxidative stress has emerged as the central focus in many research areas that are investigating the molecular mechanisms of disease processes. Due to the short-lived nature of oxygen radicals, they are often difficult to measure. Our company is committed to providing innovative, highly efficacious, and unique tools necessary to conduct research in this very important field. Beyond the companies that carry products in this area, we specialize in unique products such as our thioredoxin activity assay kit and thioredoxin redox state assay kit. In addition, we provide kits such as the superoxide dismutase assay kit and redox-related reagents.


Our first order was from Stony Brook University in the great state of New York. A purchase order was received via fax for our debut assay technology, the Thioredoxin Activity Assay. As a small company focused on a niche space, offering only 3 highly specialized products at the time and having invested a few months time into developing products and setting up our small garage lab operation, we were thrilled to finally see an order. Shipping with dry ice was always a challenge as it involved extra paperwork and a chaotic trip to pick up dry ice from the local grocery store. Since then, we've grown our catalog to include nearly 50 products from a wide range of categories and applications.


Our first cited publication was from a proteomics lab based in the Indiana University School of Medicine in using the Thioredoxin Activity Assay kit to measure Trx activity in confluent HCAEC's. For us, our first citation was monumental - it was proof that our products were successfully enabling researchers, for the first time in these respective targets, to conduct antioxidant enzyme assays in a wide range of sample types. By having our products referenced in BMC Genomics as a critical component of their experimental work, for us, was fulfilling - it was our first real, tangible contribution to science.


In 2017, Redoxica relocated it's headquarters to the Little Rock Technology Park which has allowed us to further develop our internal processes, facilities and which has ultimately led to a better experience for our partners and customers all around the world.


In 2018, Redoxica launched an entirely new web application with a rebranding of the Redoxica logo, packaging processes, materials and a number of other fundamental improvements that will allow for a more scalable approach in growing our product lines. We also developed the blueprint of our 2019 foray into pharmaceuticals with two key patents pending approval.


To expand our global reach we have partnered with the industry leading lab ordering platform, Labscoop, to handle our entire fulfillment operations. This strategic partnership will allow us to provide free shipping and handling with quicker fulfillment and delivery timeframes. This has also allowed our core team to invest more time and resources into developing innovative and highly efficacious products.

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We are dedicated to providing solutions that put our researchers, doctors, and patients first - with the broader purpose of bettering people's lives. This mission involves our commitment to reducing our global carbon footprint through green manufacturing and environmental initiatives for a more sustainable future.

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We empower labs to do better science by developing highly innovative, efficacious and affordable scientific consumables.

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