Redoxica Partners with Leading Lab Ordering Platform for Fulfillment

Little Rock, AR - United States of America - April 2018

Next Generation Scientific E-commerce

Since the e-commerce boom, the scientific industry has come from the age of mailing paper catalogs to e-procurement systems and in most cases a decent online shopping experience thanks to the work of companies like Labscoop, JAGGAER (Formerly SciQuest) and others who have created a more streamlined, efficient lab ordering experience. We have grown accustomed to free shipping for consumer products and as a next-generation biotech company with a mission to empower laboratories to do better science, we at Redoxica believed it was critically important to bring those expectations of consumer world e-commerce to scientific e-commerce.

Scientific Fulfillment Partnership

In an effort to achieve this goal, we have decided to partner with Labscoop, a science e-commerce engine that is working to streamline the ordering of scientific supplies with cost-effective scientific supply chain solutions which means free and faster shipping for our customers. Labscoop has aggregated millions of products from industry-leading and niche companies and is physically stocking them in their state-of-the-art scientific fulfillment center headquartered in the center of the United States which provides them with a geographic advantage in reaching both coasts while also positioned in close proximity to FedEx's worldwide headquarters.


We hope this strategic partnership will serve our customers well, especially in the continental US. This will also alleviate our skilled personnel from fulfillment related tasks to focusing more time and energy on building great products. We are still in the process of improving processes for our international customers and will have more updates on this coming in 2019.