Nucleic Acid SPRI Paramagnetic Purification Beads Efficient, reliable, high amplicon recovery, > 100 bp, effective in removal of contaminants, no salt carryover, no centrifugation or filtration, easy-to-use

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Nucleic Acid Solid-phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) Paramagnetic Purification Beads have remarkably high amplicon recovery rates for small and large amplicon sizes >100 bp and significantly more effective than traditional filtration DNA/PCR clean-up and RNA/cDNA/RNA purification clean-up. SPRI beads efficiently deliver high quality double stranded and single stranded DNA/RNA templates while also being effective in the removal of dNTPs, primers, primer dimers and contaminants with no salt carryover. SPRI beads do not require any centrifugation or filtration. Post-cleanup, there is no PCR degradation at 4°C Solid-phase Reversible Immobilization (SPRI) beads were originally developed in 1995 at MIT's Whitehead Institute Center for Genome Research (DeAngelis et al 1995) for the purification of PCR DNA amplicons. SPRI beads are paramagnetic meaning that they are only magnetic in a magnetic field which ensures no clumping or falling out of solution. The beads are manufactured using a polystyrene encompassed by a layer of magnetite coated with carboxyl molecules. In the presence of a "crowding agent" such as polyethylene glycol (PEG) and salt (20% PEG, 2.5M NaCl) in which PEG acts are a charge-shield inducing a coil-to-globule state change in the DNA while NaCl assists in the reduction of the dielectric constant of the solvent, the beads reversibly bind the negatively-charged DNA to the positively charged beads coated carboxyl molecules. The volumetric ratio of beads to DNA is critical as immobilization is dependent upon the concentration of PEG and salt present within the reaction.

SPRI beads are especially useful in low concentration DNA clean-up. Standard 96-well or 384-well plates may be utilized for manual processing or for high-throughput automation allowing for the rapid processing of hundreds to thousands of plates. SPRI beads have an exceptional binding capacity of 3ug/ul. SPRI beads can also be utilized in double sided size-selection by binding fragments based on the reagent to sample ratio which is also dependent upon the PEG concentration as the lower the ratio of SPRI to DNA the higher the elution of large fragment size. The SPRI bead protocols for clean-up can be further modified to allow for a single reaction tube as the master-mix is directly added to the tube, the final product is eluted from the beads. This modified protocol greatly reduces the number of transfers which thereby reduces the amount of DNA lost at each transfer step in more traditional protocols. SPRI beads are suitable for DNA and RNA amplicon purification and downstream applications including but not limited to PCR, SNP detection, mutation detection and genotyping, fragment analysis, next generation sequencing (NGS) workflows, Sanger sequencing, microarrays, cloning, automated fluorescent sequencing, restriction enzyme digestion, and primer walking.

Our SPRI protocols are similar to that of competitors with no significant modifications and can be used manually or can easily be adapted for compatibility with most liquid handlers from manufacturers such as Beckman, Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Eppendorf, Tecan, Hamilton and Caliper. To make things even more simple, you will be able to use our SPRI beads with your current protocols which may already be familiar with. Our SPRI beads are available at a significant cost-savings when compared to competitors are designed to act as a direct replacement.

Redoxica'sNucleic Acid SPRI Paramagnetic Purification Beads provide excellent amplicon recovery and binding capabilities as compared to other brands and is exceptionally well suited for PCR clean-up and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library construction applications and as such Redoxica's DNA Purification SPRI Paramagnetic Beads are quickly becoming the gold standard for DNA purification in PCR and NGS clean-up.


Unit of Measure ML
Shelf Life 24 MONTHS
Functionality Amplicon Purification
Appearance Clear with brown percipitate
Odor Odorless
Form Liquid, with solid percipitate
Grade Molecular Biology Grade
Required Materials Not Included Magnetic Separation Device
Number of Reactions (96-well) 2,778 RXN @ 10µL reaction volume
1,389 RXN @ 20µL reaction volume
556 RXN @ 50µL reaction volume
Number of Reactions (384-well) 5,556 RXN @ 5µL reaction volume
3,968 RXN @ 7µL reaction volume
2,778 RXN @ 10µL reaction volume
2,000 RXN @ 14µL reaction volume
Automated Method Yes
Manual Method Yes
Bead Inner Core Material Polystyrene
Bead Outer Core Material Magnetite
Bead Coating Carboxyl Paramagnetic Molecules
Buffer Pre-formulated with optimized buffer for selective binding
Recommended Crowding Agent 20% Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), 2.5M NaCl)
Binding Capacity 3µg/µl
Format 96-well plate and 384-well plate
Amplicon Size DNA / RNA Fragments > 100 bp
Synonyms Nucleic Acid SPRI Paramagnetic Purification Beads, SPRI Paramagnetic Beads, Size-Selective Purification Beads, Resin-based Purification Beads, SPRI Beads for PCR, SPRI Beads for NGS, Agencourt AMPure® XP, A63881, ProNex® System, NG2001, Mag-Bind®, M1378-01, HighPrep™ PCR, AC-60050


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Precautions & Disclaimer

For Laboratory Research and Development Use Only. Not for drug, household or other uses.


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5.00 LBS

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5" X 5" X 10"

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